• July 19, 2024
Best Poker sites in India

This article will be of great interest to that part of the audience in India who is a true poker fan. It is an online card game and its versions have become very popular among Indian users. It can still be played by players who are at least 18 years old. If we touch on the subject of legality, we will provide you with a list of those most reliable and safe sites to play poker. We will also tell you how to play (rules) and what types of poker exist. What are the best poker sites in the world and much more, stay tuned.

What is online poker (general meaning)

Poker is a card game that combines strategy and skill and is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. There are many varieties of poker, the most popular being Texas Hold’em and Omaha. Although poker is ideally played with a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 10 players, the number of players can vary depending on the game variant. Training begins with learning the basic rules of the game, understanding poker hand rankings, and how to make a poker hand.

Poker games

Most well-known poker sites offer players a large selection and variations of card games. Usually on these platforms, everything related to poker is indicated. Detailed rules for each online poker games, strategies, combinations and vocabulary. And remember that regardless of your skill level and experience, you can always find useful information and practice for free. Here are the most popular card games in India:

  • Texas Hold’em;
  • 6+ Hold’em;
  • Showtime Hold’em;
  • Omaha High;
  • Omaha Hi/Lo;
  • Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo;
  • Razz (7 Card Stud Low);
  • Courchevel and Courchevel Hi/Lo etc.

Of course, that’s not the full list of all the possible variations. On the sites we offer you, there is a complete list, along with the rules and strategies. Let’s find out what these sites are below.

The best poker sites in India 

It’s time to get to know the best online poker sites in India. Play in tournaments, enter lucrative contests, get a welcome bonus and more. So, check out the best online poker India sites:


Khelo365 poker site in India

This is an Indian poker site that allows users to play this amazing game without downloading any software, although you can download the Android and iOS mobile app and continue playing anywhere.

Khelo365’s free poker site allows users to enjoy games like Texas Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha online while having fun. With a secure payment process and fast withdrawals, you can play at any time and win real money. Choose your favourite game from all available and participate in daily and weekly tournaments to improve your skill level.

Poker Bunga (Bunga365)

Bunga365 poker site in India

Poker Bunga (now Bunga365) was founded in 2012 and has since become one of the best poker sites in India. They offer a high-quality gaming experience to all their players and offer all the popular varieties of poker on the platform.

You can set your own theme on the site, it all depends on your mood. This online poker site is safe and its user interface is clear at a glance. The best part is that PokerBunga is one of the poker sites with a sign-up bonus in India. You get a 100% welcome bonus when you sign up and buy chips for the first time.

Poker Nation

PokErNation poker site in India

A company that is based in Mumbai and has gained a lot of popularity among poker players. The fierce competition in the online poker industry has encouraged them to make regular innovations in the poker section and of course, keep up with new trends. Which has perfectly allowed them to provide their players with a wonderful gaming experience and a chance to win real rupees.

Poker Nation can be accessed from any device, both through the PC and the mobile version. They also accept credit cards, debit cards, bank cards, and wallets for depositing money. The site is safe and secure and players are offered great promotions and bonuses as incentives.

Adda52 Poker

Adda52 poker site in India

This is the largest poker site in India. They invest a lot of money and a lot of rupees in running advertising campaigns and offering their gaming services to attract new players. Registered players benefit from loyalty programs and VIP rooms.

At Adda52, you can play all the popular varieties of poker. This poker site in India prioritizes security, which ensures the legality of the game and reliable monetary transactions. The site has a great user interface that attracts users and provides an unforgettable gaming experience. Adda52 is one of the poker sites with a sign up bonus in India. You can get great discounts and offers if you sign up by recommendation of your friends for example. 

Spartan Poker

Spartan Poker site in India

The company is known for its excellent games and excellent poker options. However, their main attraction lies in the variety of tournaments they host. Players can enter a tournament for as little as 1 rupee, which is so great. Their gameplay is legal and legitimate, which is why it is chosen as their main gaming platform.

Spartan Poker is constantly running various promotional campaigns. Attractive and generous bonus offers for registration and first deposits await you. Players can also earn real money by inviting their friends to Spartan Poker. One of the best poker sites in India, and their VIP program is very interesting and brings great rewards for your status.

Best poker sites in the world

And then there are a couple of famous and popular poker sites not only in India, but all over the world. Such a long-standing reputation makes it impossible for poker fans to pass by. These are the sites with the largest number of real and active players to date. This is where you will find the most famous and world poker tournaments with an audience of many millions. Here they are:

  • GGPoker has an impeccable reputation in the gambling industry. The site is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) and all player funds are protected. You can rest assured that GGPoker is legal and legitimate. The company has a lot of unique features and capabilities. You can protect your hand from bad hits with All-In Insurance, hone your game with the PokerCraft analysis tool, or use Hand Moments to easily share your hands on social media. Another interesting feature is Tournament Bets, where you can buy some of your favourite player’s actions or sell some of your own.
  • 888poker is one of the largest online poker sites in the world. It offers various varieties of poker, such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and 7-card Stud poker. Definitely recommend it as a place to start your poker journey. They have interesting features that enhance the gameplay for players. The user interface is fantastic and is constantly being improved. You can even view your tables and your hands on the site on your PC and analyze them. This online poker site also spends a lot of resources and time to ensure the security of its site and customers.
  • PokerStars site has over 60 million registered users worldwide. The most frequently visited platform, for those who want to learn all about the game and more. This online poker site is popular because it hosts several poker festivals such as the Spring Championship of Online Poker and others. Poker Stars offers a 100% bonus on first deposits. PokerStars loyalty program allows users to earn better bonuses as your status progresses. They also have a variety of poker games including:
    • Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi/Low,
    • Five Card Draw,
    • 8 Game Mix,
    • Courchevel,
    • Badugi and HORSE.

Getting Started or How to Play Online Poker

Usually, there is a mandatory bet in poker games, such as the big and small blinds in Hold’em and Omaha. These mandatory bets are placed at the beginning of each hand, creating an initial pot for players to start competing for. Bets placed by players in subsequent rounds of bidding further increase the size of the pot. After the first cards are dealt, players go clockwise in order of placement at the table. 

The number of betting rounds depends on the type of poker. Texas Hold’em and Omaha are the most popular types of online poker and both use the same betting structure, which consists of four betting rounds:

  1. pre-flop,
  2. flop,
  3. turn
  4. and river.

In each bidding round, betting continues until all players either call their bets or fold (if there are no bets, the round may be completed if all players check). Once the bidding round is complete, either the next card is dealt and the next bidding round begins, or the hand is completed.

Final words

We’ve told you about the most popular poker sites in India and around the world. All of them are legit, reliable and highly rated, which offer the best online poker bonus offers. Each and every one of them is unique and unrepeatable, the promo codes give you the opportunity to earn and improve your experience in a generous way. Visit them for yourself and make sure you find exactly what you’re looking for and have an unforgettable experience and a chance to win real money in this card game.