888 Poker freerolls: schedule and passwords

Freerolls – or free poker tournaments with no entry fee – is an ideal game option for those who are not yet confident in their skills and do not want to risk their own money. Such tournaments are especially attractive for beginners who do not have sufficient game experience but wish to try their hand in real game and even earn some money.

Once you read this text, you will learn about the types of freerolls, about game schedules, and you will know how to take part in competitions and where to look for passwords for them.

888 Poker freerolls: types and features

In 888 online poker room you can play without making a deposit, but such games do not bring real money. However you can always cash out winnings from a free tournament. The victory might bring you not only cash, but other rewards as well:

  • Tickets for other competitions. They allow you to sign up for important tournaments with good prize pools without any fee;
  • Valuable prizes. Very often, 888 affiliate companies hold games where you can win mobile phones, laptops and other electronics.

Free poker tournaments in 888 Poker can be divided into two types:

  • Open. Anyone can take part in such events;
  • Closed. In this case, you need passwords for the game.

The difference between open and closed tournaments is not only in the need to search for access codes, but also in the amount of prize money. Open tournaments don’t have big prize pools: the winners are given a few dozens of dollars. However, they are being held very often – several times a day.

The most popular open free tournament in 888 Poker room is $ 100 Freeroll. The prize pool of each competition (which is clear from the title) is one hundred dollars. Poker games are held during the day – in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and at night. If you want to play in this tournament, you should know that there are a lot other people willing to participate in it too.

$ 50 Freeroll is a similar tournament. The only difference is a prize pool – fifty dollars.

Eastern European is a tournament where a dozen of winners can earn their tickets to 50 Seat Frenzy tournament. With a bit of success in this game you can get to another tournament with a decent prize pool of 300 thousand dollars.

Closed tournaments give a chance to win thousands of dollars. But to participate in such a competition you will need to spend time searching for the access code. However, there are several advantages:

  • Fewer participants. This increases the chances of reaching good result and winning a prize;
  • There is a chance to increase your bankroll by a decent amount of winnings;
  • A comfortable game with rivals of your level of game.

888 Poker shares passwords for freerolls for free. If you want to know where to find them, read the information below.

Passwords for 888 Poker freerolls: where to find?

Today, passwords for 888 Poker freerolls are easy to get. There are several ways:

  • Read the messages from organizers. They can come to your e-mail or to your personal account inbox. The administration of the room also often publishes codes on its official social networks pages. Attention is the only thing you need;
  • Take part in promotions. 888 Poker room carries out a large number of marketing activities. If you sign up for them that can bring you a certain number of passwords to tournaments. The terms may be different – you might need to make a deposit of a certain limit, or perhaps invite a friend into the game;
  • Look for codes on forums and other sites for poker players where poker depositors share information;
  • Explore affiliate sites. They might also have passwords for closed tournaments at 888 Poker with decent prize pools.

As you can see, it's quite easy to find passwords for 888 Poker freerolls, including freerolls at Pacific Poker. All you need to do is to pay attention and spend a little time. But it's worth it if you want to win some serious cash.

PokerArt Series: exclusive tournaments

888 Poker room holds exclusive tournaments as well. PokerArt is a special freeroll series at 888 Poker. It includes 26 tournaments with a prize pool of $ 2,100.

PokerArt players have already won more than 24,000 dollars.

However, not everyone can compete for this prize. To sign up for the tournament, you must meet several requirements:

  • You have to be a newcomer at 888 Poker;
  • You need to register using the link from PokerArt.

In PokerArt series tournaments for good results each participant is awarded with rating points. At the end of the season, the top five will receive valuable awards. Another bonus is a monthly subscription to a statistical service where you can monitor the dynamics of the best players of poker rooms.

How to find freeroll tournaments?

If you want to play poker at 888 Poker for free, you need to access your lobby using your login and password. You can play directly on the official online poker site or you can install 888 Poker software on your personal computer or an app on your smartphone.

To find the right tournament, follow these steps:

  1. Open 888 Poker lobby;
  2. Select “Tournaments” and then click on “Buy-in” column. The first in the list will be the games without buy-ins.

888 poker freerolls

Play 888 Poker freerolls without spending your own money. Forget about the words of inexperienced poker depositors – freerolls do not require real money deposits. With a bit of success in the game you can earn real money. Reward is not the main thing that motivates players to choose freeroll tournaments. Here you can get acquainted with the poker room, try your hand at online poker, develop strategies and check them in real game. If you want to improve your skills, but not yet ready to spend your own money, sign up for freerolls right now!

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