888 Poker tournaments: a guide for the games

888 online poker room has a lot of advantages including high-quality software and awesome game room design, numerous bonuses and prizes, professional support of players and daily promotions. But as users themselves say, one of the most important advantages of the room (comparing to other poker sites) are 888 Poker tournaments. Their variety, to be exact.

No matter whether you are novice you or an experienced player, you are sure to find here a suitable option for yourself. Want to gain experience or play big? Everything depends on you. Available buy-ins for 888 Poker tournaments start from $ 0.10. In addition, you can start the game here completely free.

Read about the types of tournaments 888 Poker room offers, the series which can be found here, and the kinds of tournaments best suitable for you.

888 Poker tournaments: which one to choose?

The tournaments are held at 888 online poker room all the time – every day their number is measured in hundreds, and the winnings – in thousands of dollars. How to choose a tournament according to your interests and experience? How not to get lost in such diversity? First, let's see what types of competitions are available.

Based on buy-ins

First of all, the tournaments are divided upon the need to make a buy-in:

  • Freerolls;
  • Tournaments with buy-ins.

Some of 888 Poker tournaments are free which means they do not require an entrance fee for participation. These tournaments are perfect for recreational players who are not quite sure about their gaming skills, but already want to try their hand at poker tournament and, perhaps, to earn real money or valuable prizes. A no deposit bonus for might even give you a chance to earn money in freerolls without spending your own funds!

Freerolls can be divided into open and closed ones. Anyone can play at the first one, but if you want to take part in the second one you will need a password. The difference between open and closed tournaments is not only in access issues. Another difference is in the value of the prize money. In closed competitions the prize pools are usually much larger. Take a look yourself. Prize pool for the most popular open freeroll is $100. At the same time tournaments where you need an access password offer thousands of dollars.

888 online poker site also holds exclusive closed freerolls. For example, the PokerArt Series – 26 tournaments with $2,100 banks. To get the opportunity to compete for this prize you need to observe two conditions:

  • Be a new 888 Poker player;
  • Create personal account using PokerArt link.

There are also lots of tournaments which require buy-ins. Buy-ins range from a few cents to a few hundred dollars. The winnings vary according to the fee.

There is one more category of tournaments, which require certain amount of money for participation (still, they offer not money as a prize, but tournament tickets for larger events). Such tournaments are called satellites. This type of tournament became popular in 2004, when Chris Moneymaker won a ticket to the Main Event of the World Series for only $39 and won the whole competition, taking more than a million dollars of cash. By the way, for the past three years 888 Poker has been the official partner of the WSOP, which means that every 888 Poker player has a chance to make it to the largest offline poker tournament. Thus, 888 poker tournaments tickets is something you should definitely pay attention to.

poker tournaments 888

Based on the amount of tables

Another classification for tournaments in poker is based on the number of tables:

  • Sit and Go (tournaments at one table);
  • MTT (at multiple tables);
  • Heads-up (“one on one”).

«Sit and Go» tournaments

They are held on a single table. Here are a few features of this type of competition:

  • Number of players. 2 to 360 people can take part in the game. But most competitions are held with 6 or 9 players at the table.
  • Registration and start time. There is no late registration. The tournaments begin as soon as all the seats at the table are occupied. The game continues until one person becomes a winner.
  • “Sit and Go” cash games. These competitions also have their own variations depending on the number of players (SNGs 6-max or SNGs 9-max), rapidity of blind increases (turbo or superturbo), and the type of distribution of winnings.
  • Distribution of prize money. In a game where 6 people play, the winnings are shared by the players who took the first and second place. In SNGs 9-max the bank is divided between top 3 players. If you want to win as much as possible, you need to try taking the first place.

Sit and Go is popular among beginners who want to get basic idea of this real money poker game. During the play, you can quickly understand the basics and learn the rules, find out some hints and understand the secrets.

Experienced players might consider this tournament too easy: some can even start a multi-table game (playing several tournaments at the same time). However, playing in such competitions with strong skills can let you significantly increase your bankroll.

real money poker game 888

Multi-table tournaments

This is one of the most popular kinds of competitions both online and offline. The largest international competitions including the European Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker are held in this format. Players can significantly increase their bankroll without risking big.

Here are few features of МТТ:

  • Registration fee. If participation involves making a payment, then the amount will be the same for all players – this is called fixed buy-in. Multi-table tournaments can also be free.
  • Number of players. The total number of participants may vary. From seven to ten players can join the game. After some players are eliminated, others move to balance the remaining tables. This process continues until the very end of the game, where all the chips go to one player – the winner.

Important note: control the number of remaining players both in the tournament and at the table while you move from one table to another.

  • Distribution of prize money. The prize pool is shared between several participants. About 15 percent of players leave the game, having returned their buy-ins. Participants who reach the top and take first three places share the prize pool.

MTT is good for both beginners and experienced players. Beginner poker players will be attracted by a small buy-in and the opportunity to practice their skills. Professionals will be able to test their skills and quickly earn some money by winning at the final table.

Important tip: watch your opponents carefully. MMT usually gather players of different levels and with different game experiences. Studying the game of competitors will help to know their strengths and weaknesses – this will also help to beat them in the future.

Multi-table tournaments have different formats:

  • Freezeout. This is the classic format of poker competition where the player is eliminated once he loses the chips. You cannot rebuy the chips.
  • Rebuy. This format involves the purchase of chips if the period of the additional purchase is set in advance.
  • Deep Stack. In this format the amount of starting chips is larger and the rate of the increase of blinds (bets) is less.
  • Turbo. The stakes in this game grow much faster.
  • Shootout. In such competition, the game at each table goes on until a single winner is left. Then the new tables are formed where the winners determine another winner. The game goes on until the final table is set. This kind of game is similar to “heads-up”, but has a significant difference – the blinds are growing very fast.


A special type of competition where you sit at the same table with another person. The game continues until one of the players gets all the chips. He continues to play with the winners of other tables until there is one absolute champion left in the game.

If you like the loose style of the game with a lot of starting hands, if you can read cards and guess the combinations of your rivals then this type of tournament is for you.

888 poker tournament

Popular tournaments at 888 Poker

We have already told you about a series of poker called PokerArt Series when we talked about freerolls. 888 Poker has some other popular series as well. The Mega Deep is one of them. This is the kind of series that 888 Poker is especially proud of. Sunday Challenge competitions consist of five tournaments. The buy-in starts from $3 and ends with $215. The total prize pool of all five competitions is more than $200,000.

Fish ‘n' Chips is designed for those who want to win big, but do not want to spend too much. The buy-ins here are extremely low. The cheapest one is Goldfish with a fee of $1. And the most expensive one is Swordfish with a $30 buy-in. 12 games are held every day. You can become the participant of a competition by paying a fee or winning a satellite.

The 888poker HighRoller series is designed for those who like to make big stakes. This category includes 10 different games.

888 Poker tournaments: some tips

  • Play harder at the beginning of the tournament and more aggressively at the end of it. It is important to show aggression at the right moments. After all, not every aggressive play leads to success.
  • Make the right bets. A reasonable raise at preflop is 2.5xBV, and 70% is an excellent continuation bet.
  • Develop your strategy. If you want to reach the finals, consider an action plan. This advice works in poker as well!
  • Time for folds. Make sure that you stack does not drop below 10BB. If you see that the threshold is close, choose the right time for a fold or all-in bet.

Now you are ready to start playing in poker tournaments and fight for 888 Poker tournaments tickets. Choose the competition that suits you best, place your bets and earn real money in your favorite poker games.

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