888 poker Club: the way to get rewards

888 poker vip program – 888 poker Club – has been active for more than a year at one of the most popular mobile poker sites 888. This is a loyalty program, where the members can get additional rewards and bonuses by following certain conditions. Read below about conditions required to earn additional money and get presents.

888 poker Club: how does it function?

You do not need to do anything to become a member of this vip rewards points program. You only have to create an account in the room and play one cash game. Right after activating your account at the official 888 website and making the first cash bet, every recreational player becomes a member of 888 poker vip loyalty program. The game (Holdem, Omaha, Snap or Blast) does not matter.

888 online poker room has successfully implemented a rewards system for the earned status points.

How to earn status points?

You need to complete certain tasks. Some missions (e.g., “Become active”) give you points immediately after their completion. Certain missions (e.g., “Take a place at a poker table”) allow you earning points during cash games. You can find the task list in the “My deposit” menu on the missions page.

Why do you need points?

To reach the next level in the Club. Each level may require a different number of status points. The more points you have, the higher you can rise. 888 poker Club has a total of 1 000 levels. When a player reaches the next level, he receives Gold Tokens.

Gold Tokens — one of the goals of the loyalty program. These very tokens can be exchanged for valuable prizes. You can do it in the 888 room’s shop. Rewards include tickets to various tournaments, deposit bonus, different electronic goods and poker accessories.

The level in 888 Poker club cannot decrease to the previous one. Nobody is punished for unfulfilled tasks.

A player transfers to the new level after he collects a certain amount of reward points. Thus, to get to the second level and receive 10 Gold Tokens, you need only 10 points. However, to reach the highest 1000th level and receive 3 thousand (just imagine the amount!) Gold Tokens, the player has to earn 30 000 reward points.

888poker club

How to check your balance in the 888 poker club?

You can check your balance in two ways:

  • Click “888 poker Club” button in the room lobby under a big yellow “Cash desk” button;
  • Select “My 888 poker Club” in the “My profile” section (in the upper panel).

In both cases, you will be transferred to the “My deposit: My club” page containing all information on your 888 poker vip account: your level, amount of Gold Tokens you will receive after completing this level, actual number of tokens and status points, description of all the tasks for bonuses.

How to check the status of the task?

After activation of the selected task, you can see your progress near the mission’s description. When the status changes, the new status will appear nearby on a colored strip:

  • “Completed” on a green strip. It means successful completion and collection of all possible reward points;
  • “Expired” on a grey strip. The mission has expired and you cannot get any bonuses;
  • “Being processed” on an orange strip. The administration of the room is checking your mission.

What other benefits have the members of the vip program 888 poker club?

In addition to a possibility to exchange the earned Gold Tokens for real money and tournament tickets, the Club offers its members other promotions – an opportunity to participate in daily free poker bankrolls with a monthly $100 000 prize pool.

On the fifth level, the player receives a Club scratch card. Its owners can choose one of the three possible rewards:

  • Additional status points;
  • Cash;
  • Gold Tokens.

The members of the 888 poker club can also participate in daily freeroll tournaments, where they can win big money. The higher your level becomes, the more tournaments are open for you.

Start playing cash games and become a member of the 888 poker Club. The loyalty program will allow you making good progress at the online poker site!

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